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I am an avid collector of intriguing old things including postcards, newspapers, photographs, advertising cards, souveniers, etc. All of the pictures in this blog are from my private collection. If you wish to enlarge any picture, simply click on it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

1914 Automobile Photos

While sorting through a box of paper goods, I came across these great old automobile photos and thought I'd share them. The details are great and the clothes the people have on are very interesting. Check out the ladies' bonnets to keep the dust out of their hair. One photo has writing on the back that states "July 5, 1914.....View from Newton St. W. Boylston." The folks were obviously out for a joyride around the Wachusett reservoir.

Nice group shot. Note the American flag in the background and the clothes the people have on.

Check out the ladies' bonnets and the railroad crossing sign. "Look Out"

Guard rails hadn't been perfected at this time!

Check out the happy dog! I don't know if the details will show on the blog, but there is a Hampton Beach pennant hanging on the front of the first car near the windshield. The clothes are quite dapper!

American flags on the windshield.......muskt have dressed the cars up for the 4th of July weekend.