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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Orphan Photos For Sepia Saturday

Once again digging through a box of “orphan photos” and became an on-line detective. Thought I’d share a few and some links to go with them.

This first picture I was able to ID by zooming in on the water tower and finding “Moirs Limited Chocolates Bread Biscuits”. Google quickly directed me to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I then found a Facebook link to old photographs of Halifax and then the following link which confirmed this was Halifax.

Here is a link to a photo of the old town clock at the left in this picture.

Check out this link below to see the assembly line at Moirs Chocolate Factory in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This next photo is a group shot of finely dressed people in front of "Lord Construction" "Work and Win Plant". Judging by the car and Work and Win slogan, I imagine this was taken during World War I. I did find a reference to a Lord Construction Company in Providence, Rhode Island that equipped/outfitted ships for the Emergency Fleet Corporation which was in operation from 1917 to 1920 to support the war effort. Check out the shiny shoes and the nice watch chain.

The last one I need some help with. It appears to be a BIG mock up of a World War I ship. Look at how many people are working on it. There is a subway entrance in the foreground. This was probably a set for a "Liberty War Bond" drive during WWI. Do you agree? Any ideas as to what city?

Followup: Brett Payne nailed the answer immediately after I posted the picture. Here is the link he directed me to:


  1. I the last photograph, the buildings lok American - so does the flag. I'm thinking Cjicago, but perhaps New York - I'm just not familiar enough with either. Initially I was thinking WW1 era too, but now I'm thinking perhaps between the wars.

    ... then, after googling "wooden mockup battleship" I discovered the USS Recruit. Is that it, I wonder?

  2. Sorry about all the typos in that last post, and here is more about the USS Recruit.

  3. Thanks Brett, you nailed it.....I can sleep now. I'll post your findings for the others.

  4. Very impressive sleuthing. You guys make a great team.

  5. I enjoyed these photos and you and Brett's detective work.

  6. You match my own SS picture almost perfectly as mine features my father outside the Mackintosh Sweet and chocolate factory in Halifax, England and yours features a chocolate factory in Halifax Canada. Fabulous synchronicity.

  7. How interesting that the USS Recruit managed to increase the numbers so much. SS is a great prompt to turn detective and I did some sleuthing this week too. Congrats on your research :-) Jo

  8. Fascinating post and great pictures!

  9. The USS Recruit is very interesting.

  10. That ship is fascinating. How lucky to have a card of it.